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“I recently had the pleasure of working with Claire on my LinkedIn profile as well as on how to go about engaging and posting intentionally. Claire is very knowledgeable on the LinkedIn tool and how to best utilize it in order to grow your network intentionally, be seen by recruiters and develop your brand authentically. Our session was enjoyable, productive and full of actionable insights. If you want to get a handle on your professional brand and learn how to properly navigate the professional social platform, reach out to Claire. You’ll be glad you did!” – Mayte Arencibia


“I am so glad I decide to get help with my LinkedIn profile and stop trying to do it myself. Claire’s workshop was so helpful. Her teaching style is easy to follow and she is very knowledgeable. If you are looking to just get started with LinkedIn or simply improve what you have started, I highly recommend you reach out to Claire for support.” – Elizabeth Bradley


“I am grateful that I participated in Claire’s LinkedIn Online Workshop – her instruction has given me a deep understanding of how to engage more effectively. I was impressed with her depth of knowledge and how she presented many topics in a concise manner. In my opinion, her extensive background in HR is an added bonus to those outside of the HR realm.” – Martin Warunek

Marty W

“Claire prepared a wonderful presentation for our employees regarding the power of LinkedIn. She showed us the importance of using the platform to network both in and out of our organization. She presented the information in an engaging and relatable way and we all walked out with a better understanding of how to utilize LinkedIn! Thanks Claire!” – Katie Fiedler, SHRM-CP

Katie F

“Whether you’re a social media novice or an expert, Claire Petrie can help you grow your personal brand on LinkedIn—and activate your employees and colleagues as brand ambassadors. You’ve probably seen Claire’s engaging content on your LinkedIn feed. Let her help you build the same kind of reach and influence! Claire co-delivered a presentation on LinkedIn best practices to members of M&T Bank’s Resource Groups recently—and the impact on the quantity and quality of their LinkedIn activity has been incredible! Thank you, Claire, for sharing your expertise and enthusiasm with our team!” – C Michael Zabel

C Michael Zabel

“Claire is a results-driven individual who is willing to go the extra mile to get work done. She is motivated and encouraging. Countless hours put into finalizing and perfecting the projects and assignments, that is what you can expect from her. Together with her work experience and knowledge of the field, she often provides valuable and insightful inputs to the project. Having worked directly with her on 5 consecutive project cases, the dedication and perseverance put into the outcome was apparent. Claire is a pleasure to work with, and she will definitely serve to be an asset to any organization she joins.” – Han Ping Derrick Ong


“Claire has come in to Say Yes Buffalo twice now to present to our college students in the Ambassador Leadership Program on using their LinkedIn profiles professionally and effectively. She did a fantastic job helping students learn how to use LinkedIn as a professional tool, convincing them of its benefits, and how to use it appropriately. You could tell that the students were engaged by the fact that they immediately started working on their profiles and connected with Claire on LinkedIn after the meeting. I highly recommend working with Claire to learn more about how to use LinkedIn as a way to connect to others professionally. We look forward to bringing Claire back in the future to support more students as they learn professional skills that will help them succeed. We truly appreciate Claire supporting our students in this manner.” – Johanna Caplan


“I’ve had the pleasure of being co-panelist with Claire Petrie for 2 different panel discussions that were specifically about how to maximize a Linkedin profile. One of the panels, I organized for the SUNY Career Development Organization (SUNYCDO) conference in June 2019. This conference hosted career development professionals from all over New York State. When deciding who to put on this panel I immediately thought of Claire. She is an expert in using Linkedin from both the job seeker and recruiter perspective. Claire did an awesome job on the panel. She is not only a Linkedin guru but also an excellent public speaker and trainer. Just being connected to Claire on Linkedin will be helpful to you, as she can use her Linkedin profile and followers to promote your activity, posts, etc. Connect with her and then message Claire about how she may help you to meet your goals. I am glad I did.” – Ed Brodka

ed brodka1

“In August 2019, Claire served as a speaker and presenter for the Buffalo Niagara Partnership’s young professionals program, BN360. The event was called “LinkedIn Lessons.” Claire is an exceptional presenter and a true expert in her field. She combines her industry knowledge of HR, LinkedIn and other key topics with her hands-on experience in a way that is both engaging and educational. She not only had the room engaged…but actually participating and asking questions. What’s more is that Claire’s LinkedIn learnings were taken and applied outside of the educational seminar. In the days, weeks, and months following attendees were using what Claire taught them – a true measure of her success as an educator, facilitator and expert in the field.” – Rachael Herrmann


“Claire is a true HR / Talent Acquisition professional. She has a passion for helping people succeed in their job search and is driven by the relationships she creates. I’ve had the pleasure to work with Claire on a project for her blog and her communication style is welcoming and genuine. She unselfishly shares information that is logical and informative to her audience. Claire brings a fresh voice to the HR community. I am so grateful for our mentorship.” – Michelle Kohlhof

Michelle K