Hey HR, if you’re going to attend a job fair…

After work this evening I met one of my HR friends and fellow local SHRM chapter board members for a beverage and some snacks. We were chatting and catching up and talking about how busy the last few months were with the amount of job fairs going on in our area. Recruiting for specific positions… Continue reading Hey HR, if you’re going to attend a job fair…


Fulfilled, Energized, Supported. A #SHRM19 Wrap-Up

I thought nothing could top last year’s SHRM Annual Conference and Exposition in Chicago, but after this year in Las Vegas I’ve learned that every year is likely to be better than the last! (Here's my SHRM18 Wrap-Up if you missed it!) I was reflecting on my flight home to Buffalo and I’m feeling so… Continue reading Fulfilled, Energized, Supported. A #SHRM19 Wrap-Up