Preparing for an initial screen with a recruiter

So you’ve applied to a job online (or been referred, whatever the situation may be!) and a recruiter or HR representative at the company contacts you for an initial call. Depending on the role, this is usually around 30 minutes and can be a phone or video call. In this blog post I cover how … Continue reading Preparing for an initial screen with a recruiter

Meet Kimberly Bozeman – #HRCommunity!

Meet Kim Bozeman, SHRM-SCP and connect with her on LinkedIn! Kim and I first met on Twitter through the engaged #HRCommunity there. If you aren't on Twitter yet - join us! We'd love to help you network. You can also connect with Kim on Twitter. She loves people, law, HR and social justice. I've loved … Continue reading Meet Kimberly Bozeman – #HRCommunity!

Exhausted yet energized: a #SHRM21 wrap-up

Exhausted yet energized has been the phrase I find myself repeating since I left Las Vegas a few days ago. I honestly needed the last few days to process everything that happened during the conference! It was my first conference in over 2 years - so many hugs, learnings, connections etc were had and it … Continue reading Exhausted yet energized: a #SHRM21 wrap-up

My HR Certification Story

I get at least 1 message on social media a week asking about my certification story! I'm excited to share it here. Please remember that this was my situation. Based on your current position, career goals etc your path may be different. (: Questions I receive often are: "Why did you get your PHR first?" … Continue reading My HR Certification Story