Resources for Falling Asleep

The other night I just could not fall asleep. Recruiting work has been busy, coaching clients have picked up in the evening (which is amazing – so grateful!) and my husband and I were getting ready to put our house on the market this weekend! My mind was racing and I knew the Twitter community would come to my rescue. It was 11:34 PM and I asked my network, “Any podcast recommendations for falling asleep?”

Check out the thread, there were so many good suggestions. I have used Headspace meditation and sleep sounds in the past, but I think my brain has gotten used to them and still overrides it, so now I needed some new ideas!

Some honorable mentions I’ll be checking out:

Insight Timer


Women’s Meditation Network with Katie Krimitsos

Nothing Much Happens – Bedtime Stories for Grownups

I hope these help you too! Leave a comment if you found this helpful or have other resources to add.

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